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a colorful plate sitting on top of a brick floor next to a wooden fence and wall
Mosaic Art Abstract Stained Glass Mosaic Dish in Red Green | Etsy New Zealand
Large dish, measuring 45cm (about 18inch) in diameter. Made with mini glazed ceramic tiles, glas tiles and cutted stained glass on bamboo dish. Athracite grout. Looks great on a table. Can be also hanged on a wall making a great decorational elemant. Big enough to catch anyones attention.
a person making a mosaic design on a table
Image result for Angela Ibbs – #angela #Ibbs #image #result #stain – Mosaic
Image result for Angela Ibbs - #angela #Ibbs #image #result #stain
a kitchen counter with red and yellow designs on it
bar spirale mosaique d'émaux de verre albertini
a circular object made up of many different types of objects in the shape of a spiral
Nathalie Vin, The Earth Is Scratching Herself mosaic, 1 meter diameter: "The Earth is waking up, scratching herself, and wondering what is going on. She is erupting in our faces. Talking back to us. Contorting and rebelling against our mistreatments and bellowing out floods, flames, (and) eruptions of every kind."
a circular painting with blue, green and yellow colors
Glimmer Glass Circles™
Mosaics, several designs
a blue and green mosaic table sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a fence
a table that has some kind of mosaic design on it, sitting in front of a window
Mozaik Sehpa
a blue and green mosaic tile design on the floor
Mandala Life Art
Martin Alejo Mangeaud - Table top, stepping stone in a simpler design, coaster, loads of uses for this pattern.