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an image of a living room with couches and chairs in it's center
victorian meets industrial with blush armchairs
an outdoor wall light with two bulbs on it's side and one bulb attached to the
Designer Brands on SALE |
Smarlux Lighting Berny Wall Light | Dark Brown | 38x38x36cm
an old building with lots of windows and metal stairs leading up to the second floor
old factories turned into lofts, the best places to live.
people are sitting at tables and working on laptops in an open area with large windows
Gallery of Gunpowder Mill / Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects - 7
Gunpowder Mill by Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects. Nice use of multiple…
an industrial loft with brick walls and stairs
This Bar Is Easily the Coolest Place to Drink in Sydney American Made Spiral Staircases-Fully welded, No…
the inside of a building with metal mesh covering it
Treasure Island
*architecture, modern interiors, stairs, black and white* - Treasure Island by…
an old brick building with several windows and stairs leading up to the second floor area
Han Tümertekin, Cemal Emden · Bomonti Brewery
Han Tumertekin, Cemal Emden · Bomonti Brewery · Divisare
an alleyway with stairs and garbage cans
an open living room and dining area in front of a brick building
London - Glass Kitchen and Dining Room Extension | News
London Townhouse - Double Storey Glass Extension
an old fire escape on the side of a building
NYC -- Lower East Side
NYC -- Lower East Side
an old brick building with stairs leading up to the top floor and second story windows
Tenement Museum Blog | Patell and Waterman's History of New York
Tenement Museum, an amazing place to learn how our ancestors lived. An amazing bookstore is in the ticket office.
an industrial area with pipes and other items in it's storage room, as seen from the inside
rust in peace by mobilohm, via Flickr