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six pairs of scissors are sitting next to each other
SMHAEN scissors
a white cake with an orange feather on top
Stirbay Muddler
two brown and red flies on top of a white hat with silver tips in the background
Unnamed sea trout flies
an orange and black fly sitting on top of a white cake with red wall in the background
Formula Apache
a white cake with a brown and black fly on it's top, next to a red wall
Goose & Pheasant
a white and black fish with blue eyes on it's head sitting on a hook
Even darker
Even darker
an ocean beach with waves coming in to shore
Simply beautiful
Simply beautiful
a fishing lure on a blue background
Have's baitfish 1
Have's baitfish 1 - <p>One of a number of baitfish flies tied by Danish fly tyer Niels Have</p>
a fly is sitting on top of some nuts
Sea Trout CDC&Elk with a bit of flash
With a bit of flash - You can add some flash under the wing. Clear, tan or pink are good colors.
a fly flies through the air on top of a piece of wood
Bling Zkinny with gills
Bling Zkinny with gills - A version with sides and gills will look like a small fry.
an orange and green fly with black tips on wooden planks, ready to be used for fishing
Autumn Delight
Autumn Delight
a close up of a yellow and green fly on a black cloth with a metal object in the background
Olive Owl
Olive Owl
an orange and yellow fly on a black background
Orange Owl
Orange Owl - This Brown Owl variation is tied with all orange materials
an orange and white fly on a black background
Orange Brown Owl
Orange Brown Owl - The Brown Owl tied with orange body, orange bucktail, mallard and grizzly hackle
a brown and white feathered fly on top of a black box with silver tips
Brown Brown Owl
Brown Brown Owl - The standard Brown Owl tied with gold body, gray bucktail, mallard and grizzly hackle