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Clothes, Haken, Giyim, Tricot, Breien, Vest, Style, Styl, Moda
Casual, Girl, Blond, Trendy, Pretty Outfits, Layered Fits
Fashion Baby <3
Stylish, Ruby, Fasion, Cool Outfits
two white and gray striped blankets on top of a wooden floor next to each other
Brioche Scarf
Cute Crochet, Haar, Dream Clothes, Cute Outfits
the vest is made up of yarn and crocheted with buttons on the side
Ig @vera.garfiel
Crochet, Costume
the back of a white sweater on a black surface, with one side rolled up
Tulip Tank Top
a knitted blue and white striped pillow sitting next to a pair of brown shoes
a woman in a black dress is holding her hands on her chest
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a woman wearing a colorful knitted dress in the kitchen
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