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a young man with long hair wearing black jeans and a grey sweater is standing in front of a building
Character concept 1 for Jesse Clark Description: 17 years old, a strong but silent teen who has gone through thick and thin spending 2 years on the rails. Jesse's life and devotions go to his sister, Carol and his guitar, Rowena. People, including Lydie see him as a rock-solid figure, but there is much more to Jesse than what meets the eye.
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SKAM - S03E10
Sana or Vilde for season 4? What do you think?
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I love them, and just because EVen has a mental illnes dosen't mean he can't love Isak, people with mental illneses can still love
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19 Powerful Photos From The Early Struggle For LGBT Rights
19 Powerful Photos From The Early Struggle For LGBT Rights
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FF:Another Way to Love: GLBT Culture in the Age of Steam
First gay couple photographed together!
two people kissing under an umbrella on a cobblestone street in the rain, black and white photograph
Brooklyn and Hudson Valley Wedding Blog - Clean Plate Pictures
DUMBO/Midtown Engagement Shoot