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three red, yellow and green paper flowers hanging from a string in the grass with trees in the background
a bracelet made out of shells and beads on a wooden table next to a pair of shoes
Sabbat Crafts – Hazelnut Wreath
Sabbat Crafts – Hazelnut Wreath – The Witch Hecataine
a wreath made out of nuts and grass
How To Make A Hazlenut Wreath
Today I am sharing how to make a hazelnut wreath. This has been on my craft bucket list for some time now. Do you have one? If you do let me know what’s on it.If you are new to Cloches & Lavender, welcome I am truly happy your are here for a visit. How To Begin Making A Hazelnut Nut WreathStep 1First, begin by buying an 8″ wreath form. Now for my wreath project I am using an 8″ wire wreath form. Because it’s wire wrap the form with burlap ribbon. This is easy to do and takes no time…
a bunch of nuts sitting on top of a table next to a blow dryer
Sabbat Crafts – Hazelnut Wreath
Sabbat Crafts – Hazelnut Wreath – The Witch Hecataine
a child is flying a kite in the sky with an apple tree and moon painted on it
Herfst Vlieger Linda Lammers
three leaf shaped ornaments hanging on a wooden fence
Wool Felt Fall Leaf Ornament Set Decorated with Embroidery, Sequins and Beads
"This set of fall leaf ornaments comes with three wool felt leaves embroidered with shimmery thread and embellished with sequins and beads. These ornaments are made from merino wool felt and wool blend felt, made by me using my own original design. Each ornament has an extra long brown pearl cotton hanger so that you can adjust the length as needed. Approximate sizes: Maple Leaf: 5 1/8\" x 4 1/2\" Oak Leaf: 3\" x 5 1/4\" Beech Leaf: 2 7/8\" x 5\" Made in a smoke free environment If you want to t