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Grief poems to help you with the grieving process.
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the brown eyes poem is shown in black and white
Reminded me of Sophie✨
Sophie Foster?? Its such a beautiful poem, i had to share it with you guys. Remember, whether you have brown eyes or green eyes, blue or hazel, purple or red, or even the whole rainbow in your eyes, they are beautiful no matter what. Never forget it!
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a poem written in an old book with writing on the page and some words below it
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the comfort in an elegy
#seraphic #girl #sad
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Poetry and quote for grief and loss
A grief poetry quote from the book In the Hollow of my Heart: Memories of my father, which is available now. Sometimes a sad quote or poem helps us feel our grief more fully, and work through the loss and sadness, knowing we are alone in these feeling.
a poem written in black ink on a blue background
POETRY: Poem Of The One World, by Mary Oliver This morning