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two hands touching something on top of a blue blanket
Project Overview ‹ KnittedKeyboard II – MIT Media Lab
Overview ‹ KnittedKeyboard II — MIT Media Lab
a close up of an object made out of pink foam with holes in the middle
WORKSHOPS | art-and-textiles
Felting Rae Woolnough Textiles Artist | WORKSHOPS
a sculpture made out of white wood sticks and balls on a green wall with peeling paint
Craft that Sustains: Interviewing Caralarga, our “Handmade in North America” Cover Star — The Textile Eye
a large metal object on top of a white table with lots of sticks sticking out of it
Logistic Architects London | Commercial Architects | Chetwoods
Andes House A dramatic residential solution designed for a remote hilltop setting in the Andes. The Andes House pushes the boundaries of sustainable design with a roof that is designed to mimic the properties of a flower, opening in the day to feed off the sun and gather water and closing at night to insulate and protect.
a close up view of a curtain with blue and white stitchs on the fabric
AEF 2018, les expositions #2 - "Les petits bonheurs de Miss T"