Leo’s 2nd Bday

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a wooden horse head hanging on the wall next to a pair of clothes pegs
Steckenpferd 90225 | Selfmade® (Stoff & Stil)
this is a collage of pictures with different things to make them look like animals
VIDEO: DIY Felt Stick Horses
Felt Stick Horse Tutorial [I believe children need rocking horses but have made my share of hobby horses when needed. Never used felt, boot socks as far as I recall. Anyway, these look pretty snazzy, don't you think? — 23-08-13]
the chicken coop is open and ready to be used as a playroom for chickens
Cardboard Chicken Coop - CraftMonsterz - Cardboard Activities
a stuffed horse is sitting on hay bales in front of a window with a red and white checkered tablecloth
XP: AW: DD's 1st Birthday pics!
photo op - too messy in the library?