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the color scheme is pink, yellow and blue with flowers on it's petals
holy roses on X
jellyfish look like dreamy watercolor sea bbs
a woman with her eyes closed wearing a blue sweater
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plastic bags filled with different colored items on top of each other
Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic
two children in a swimming pool with blue tiles
Swimming Pool By Maria Svarbova
two fire hydrants sitting in the middle of a swimming pool with no people around
Maria Svarbora - Swimming Pool Dit beeld vind ik erg interessant omdat het hele beeld symmetrisch is, maar dan hangt er een klok die voor assymmetrie zorgt. Dit maakt het beeld erg plezant. Ook het kleurgebruik vind ik fijn, alles is blauw met 2 kleien rode accenten. Deze rode accenten zijn ook de aandachtspunten. Er is ook een horizontale lijn die het beeld door midden deelt, maar dit is niet de symmetrie-as, dat is namelijk een verticale.
a woman with red hair is flying through the air and waving her arms to the sky
This Week in Editors' Choice: March 6 curated by 500px / 500px
This week we give you citrus notes, potraits through hands, and people at work for Editors' Choice
there are many goldfish in the water and one is looking at it's reflection
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a table with chairs and vases on it in front of an open window overlooking the water
Meetings & Events in Henningsvær — Trevarefabrikken
Meetings & Events — Trevarefabrikken
an overhead view of a stairwell with stairs leading up to the upper floor and second floor
Whats on? — Trevarefabrikken
Whats on? — Trevarefabrikken
an open window overlooking the ocean with a piece of paper on the ground next to it
the prettiest yoga location
This is probably one of the prettiest yoga locations you can find. It was captured by Elin at the Lofoten in Norway. Photo by at
a black and white photo of a woman sitting at a table with her hand on her face
Surprising Self Portrait Ideas that Will Amaze You
Self Portrait Ideas For Creative Photo Session - Conceptual Self Portrait Ideas
someone is swimming in the pool with their feet above water
Raoul_Pablo (@Raoul_Pablo) on Twitter
Immagine incorporata
a woman standing on top of a wooden bench next to a blue sky with clouds
10 Tips de fotografía para que consigas más de 100 hearts
10 Tips de fotografía para que consigas más de 100 hearts
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a white wall with sunlight coming through the window