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a bat hanging upside down on a branch
More Than Human: Tim Flach’s Striking Portraits of Animals
a dog that is jumping in the air
Get to Know: Jenna Barton
a drawing of a wolf sitting on top of a rock with the sun in the background
Sun by JadeMerien on DeviantArt
two cats are playing with each other in the snow and one cat is reaching up to it's head
Parallel Worlds by Avinna on DeviantArt
a wolf with its mouth open and it's teeth wide open in front of the sky
Reino de Cristal ❄️💥 [BakuTodo] - Capítulo 18: El Pantano de la Desesperanza.
a wolf with its mouth open sitting in front of a red tree and looking up at the sky
Voodoo by Kipine on DeviantArt