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an image of a cartoon cat with the caption'i dog skal jeg like lave nogett '
Slapper af i dag.
Dansk Humor - for dig med humor
a cartoon cat sitting on top of a cake next to a quote from the simpsons
Der bliver desværre ikke nogen julekrybbe i folketinget i år
a lifeguard tower with the words, every first born daughter looks like the female version of her dad
Every first born daughter looks like - Keep Quotes
a sign on the door that says i had a lot of stuff to do today now i have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow
Letter Board
the words are written in black and white on a white background with an image of a clock
Wallsticker - Gør øjeblikket perfekt
a white llama standing next to the words lamaa g'dig et kys
Hipd plakat, Lama Gi' Dig Et Kys
some people just need a high - five in the face, with a chair quote
a sign that says stop trying to make everyone happy, you're not tequila
Thought I’d share the sauce for your meme flavoured buns and burgers
the first time my dog has ever seen a kangaroo
Lustiger Tier-Picdump des Tages 206 (19 Fotos) - humorside - I love Animal :)
True Quotes, Zitate, Real Quotes, Frases, Heart Quotes, Me Quotes, Kata-kata
Does Your Subconscious Mind Secretly Crave Failure?