Handcraft in paper. Own design.
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two greeting cards with hearts and crosses on them
Et lille kort/indbydelse til hjerternes fest. Bryllupsinvitation Valentineskort som bekræfter din store kærlighed.
a white origami star on a black surface
20 takket stjerne - Stars
two green folders sitting on top of a table next to each other, with a tractor drawn on them
John deere indbydelse
an orange candle sitting on top of a white plate next to a vase with flowers
Bloklys - candellight
a card with two gold hearts and a white flower on the front, surrounded by flowers
Indbydelse guldbryllup #card
a card with an image of a bicycle and the words rasmus written on it
Konfirmationskort - happy birthday card
an image of the coast taken from above
a red origami star hanging on the wall
a black and white photo of a young boy with scissors around his neck, smiling
the collage is made up of photos and people in different places around it, including an elderly woman
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