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orange slices are arranged on a table with ribbons and tassels to decorate them
A List of the Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas! - The Stripe
two wrapped presents sitting on top of a table
Simple Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas with Kraft Paper - The Inspired Room
two small white houses sitting on top of a cake plate next to a gray tiled wall
Christmas Home Tour 2017
stockings hanging from a mantel in front of a mirror with evergreen garland on it
15 holiday mantle ideas the whole family will love
a fireplace decorated for christmas with greenery and candles
Layering Christmas Mantel Garland In An Asymmetrical Design
Christmas mantel garland design.
a living room with a white brick fireplace decorated for christmas
Christmas Fireplace Decor
Christmas Fireplace Decor – Halfway Wholeistic
a christmas tree is hanging on the wall next to a table with books and decorations
62 Ways To Decorate With Spectacular Christmas Garland
two cups with white flowers in them sitting next to each other on a gray surface
10 Creative Snowflake Decorations That Go Way Beyond Paper Cutouts
Remember those paper snowflakes you made in school (or maybe your children still bring them home every year)? They’re pretty and fun to make, but we suggest you put away the white paper and the scissors this year—or, at the very least, strongly consider adding these projects to the mix.
a wreath with three golden bells hanging from it's center and surrounded by greenery
Winter Porch
Learn how to decorate your home for the winter season using natural elements.
a wreath hanging on the front door of a house
Polka Dots Pretty: Photo
a fireplace with stockings hanging from the mantle and candles on it, next to a mirror