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DIY Pancake & Waffle Mix | Gallery posted by Macie Trotter | Lemon8


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Holistic healing is important if we want to thrive, not just survive. Optimal health can be yours by aligning your lifestyle with natural daily health wellness habits. Download the free Introduction to Holistic Wellness and learn: -What "holistic" means -What "wellness" means -What holistic wellness is NOT -Ways to improve your holistic wellness -Resources to learn more information Download your free eBook today and start your holistic wellness journey!


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How to Dry and Preserve Herbs: A Comprehensive Guide
Make your own DIY mosquito repellent candles with a few simple ingredients and some mason jars! #summer #bugs #bugrepellent #masonjars


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Looking to ditch your toxic cleaners? Try this diy natural all purpose cleaner. This is the best toxin free all purpose cleaner. And it only takes 5 minutes to make! #NaturalLiving #GreenCleaning #DIY #SpringCleaning


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What is better for the earth is many times better for our health too. Looking to start your journey toward a healthier, happier life? Follow along for more tips and tricks, how-to’s and why’s behind choosing better, whole, non-toxic ingredients for your family. I'm linking my favorite non-toxic products here and sharing some promo codes. Let me know what you think!


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#herbs #empath #witch #magic


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Best vegetables & herbs to regrow from kitchen scraps in water or soil. Start a windowsill garden indoors, or grow foods using grocery lettuce, beets, etc! – A Piece of Rainbow #backyard #gardens #gardening #gardeningtips #homestead #homesteading #urbangardening #gardendesign #gardenideas #containergardening #diy #gardeningtips homestead, green living, gardening tips, sustainable ideas, kids science projects, homeschool activities


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Use as an ingredient or garnish for a wide variety of dishes. Edible flowers add a fresh flourish of color and introduce unusual flavors to your dishes. Organically grown in Australia and the USA.


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By Brittany Ducham From the publisher: A modern, approachable holistic health guide that focuses on physical, emotional, and mental well-being.Radical Remedies urges readers to take an active concern for their overall health and well-being by reconnecting with nature and honoring their own emotional history and experience. Focusing on twenty-five of the most nourishing herbs, this book shows how they can be used to remedy stress, depression, and insomnia, soothe tension in the body, and comfort


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homemade bread is so soft and simple to make
Bread Recipe
a table topped with cakes and cups of coffee
Sunday brunch
Luxury skincare is driving record profits in the beauty industry
Luxury skincare is driving record profits in the beauty industry
a hand holding up a jar filled with homemade diy pancake waffle mix
Lemon8 · DIY Pancake & Waffle Mix · @Macie Trotter
DIY Pancake & Waffle Mix | Gallery posted by Macie Trotter | Lemon8
the instructions for how to use gel eyeliners in different colors and shapes, including black