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a painting of a deer in tall grass
Dominique Pizon - Artiste Peintre Animalier et Paysagiste
a drawing of a squirrel and its surroundings
Ecureuil roux
an animal's foot and tail are shown in this hand drawn diagram, which shows the
Illustrations naturalistes | Boutique Alicia Pénicaud Illustrations
two deer standing next to each other on top of a grass covered field with words written in
Planche naturaliste du chevreuil
a drawing of birds sitting on top of a tree branch with berries in their beaks
Mésange à longue queue
a drawing of different kinds of birds sitting on top of a tree branch with words written below it
Martin-pêcheur d'Europe | Boutique Alicia Pénicaud Illustrations
an animal's body and some other things in french on a white sheet with black writing
Belette, Fouine, Martre, Hermine, Putois, Vison... Quelles différences ?
an image of animals that are in the grass and on the ground with their babies
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four different pictures of animals and their tracks in the snow, including an animal's paw
four pictures of different animals in the snow with their hands and footprints drawn on them
four different pictures of animals in the snow