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a piece of paper with words written on it in different languages, including english and german
Note til mig selv | SPOG.DK
the words jeg syns sev, at jeg fik en ret god ide, da jeg skule skrive
Konfirmationstalen til min datter - The Event Brewery
a birthday card with balloons, streamers and confetti on the bottom corner
Konfirmation - Festsange med mere
a page from the book motivnviren, written in german and english
Fødselsdag - Festsange med mere
a white frame with paper cut hearts in the shape of a couple holding each other
Dieser Artikel ist nicht verfügbar | Etsy
a pink flower with the words huske at my life, der er like byttenerke paa
21 Citater Billeder til Facebook
a card with the words sma fodder setter ogsa dubbe spor on it
Opbevaring med stil © | Køb Organisering & Opbevaring her
Postkort XL - Små fødder, rosa
four pictures of dollar bill origami stars, each with different shapes and sizes
$tars (dollar Bill Origami Stars)
Follow these easy steps to make some $tars of your own. You don't need to be an origami prodigy or anything, this is a simple way to creatively give the gift of money. It's also a cool way to try and save money because if it's folded up it may just be too pretty to take apart. $tars can be made in either a 5 point or 6 point configuration and can use any denomination of bill. If giving as a gift, an Origami Triangle Box (https://www.instructables.com&...
some cards and pencils sitting on a table with paper money in the shape of a dress
Geldgeschenke basteln - kreativ und einfach nachzumachen
a dress made out of money sitting on top of a piece of paper