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three drawings of buildings with different angles
Perspective Masterclass | How to Draw Everything
an image of some buildings in black and white with one hand on the edge of the photo
tutorial city in perspective 2 by lamorghana on DeviantArt
black and white photograph of the top of a bridge
Architectural Linocuts by Paul Cathedrall
Brooklyn Black by Paul Cathedrall
a black and white photo of a tall building
Paul Catherall | Exhibition - For Arts Sake
a black and white drawing of some buildings
Paul Catherall linocuts exhibition at Paul McPherson Gallery, London
an illustration of stairs leading up to a clock tower in the distance with rain falling on them
“Flood! A Novel In Pictures” by Eric Drooker (1992)
a person holding up a black and white drawing in front of a glass case with an image of a building on it
Bianca Levan-Handcut Paper