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a brick wall with the words how to create a social media posting plan for your art
How to Write a Business Plan in 2021: a Roadmap You'll Actually Use
a woman standing in front of a table holding a bag with the words 10 ways to better
10 Ways to Deter Thieves at a Craft Show
These are 10 loss prevention tips major retailers use. Here's how you can apply them at a craft show to prevent people from walking away with your products.
purple flowers with the words how to make anyone fall in love with your artwork work
The Secret to Writing Engaging Instagram Captions for Artists - Live Your Art Life
the front cover of a book with text that reads, must read copyright basics for artists
How to Copyright Your Work as an Artist — Hello Brio
Copyright Basics for Artists
an older woman holding a paintbrush and palette in front of easel with text overlay that reads easy seo for artists
Etsy SEO For Artists
Etsy SEO For Artists... Easy tips and ideas for doing your Etsy SEO for your art. If all you want to do is paint or draw or sculpt, not do computer work, this post will help you learn to do your listings fast! Great for helping Etsy shop owners who are artists or creative types sell their artwork. #etsyseller #etsyshop
the words sell more art online and avoid the burnout you don't have to have thousands of people on your email list or a perfectly crafted website
Use high touch connections to build your art business
There are two paths you could take when it comes to selling your own art. Most people are familiar with the first - lots of followers, high sales volume, and low-mid pricing. Click to learn more about the second method and how making some changes to your art business strategy may help you avoid the burnout and sell more art.
the words how, what and why copyright your art work are in black on a pink background
How to Copyright Your Artwork
the instructions for how to make an art project
How I Earn Passive Income as an Artist — CatCoq
the words selling art like a pro best strategies on top of a desk
Selling Art like a Pro best strategies
an info sheet describing how to use the wordpress for your art project or presentation
How to Price Art - the Inspiration Place