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some yellow flowers are floating in the water
Bioengineering e.coli to turn seaweed into fuel
Scientists at Bio Architecture Lab tinkered with the superbug e.coli and turned it into a microbe that can turn the sugar in seaweed into fuel, and maybe even renewable chemicals.
some brown and white flowers on the ground
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kelp seaweed...we harvest this seaweed near the Isle of Mull in Scotland
yellow fabric hanging from a rope over water
Seaweed aquaculture
an image of seaweed on a white background
'Seaweed Specimen in Green III' Prints - Vision Studio |
Seaweed Specimen in Green III Giclee Print by Vision Studio at
an image of three leaves on a white background with watercolng effect in the foreground
Macrocystis integrifolia - giant bladder kelp -- macrocystis 3029703991_826a8db8de_o
a drawing of corals and other marine life
Henry Bradbury Antique Nature-Printed Seaweed Prints 1859
Antique prints of nature printed seaweeds by Henry Bradbury 1859
an image of a plant with leaves and other things on the back side of it
an image of dried plants on a white background
Scientific Illustration
heathertylerillustration: Macrocystis pyrifera (giant kelp) spot illustration. Watercolor on Arches paper.
an image of flowers and leaves on a wall
forkweed or Dictyota dichotoma
forkweed or Dictyota dichotoma
an image of seaweed on white paper with watercolors and ink drawing style
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an image of seaweed on white background
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an image of some plants that are in the middle of a painting with watercolors on paper
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Seaweed art Original collage seaweed pressing Natural by AlgaNet