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two people riding on the back of a goose in a forest
Cartoon Network's 2014-'15 Lineup Includes The Fantasy Mini-Series 'Over The Garden Wall'
Over The Garden Wall
an animated image of a group of people with musical instruments
REVIEW: Over The Garden Wall (2014)
Over the Garden Wall
a stuffed toy with a red hat on top of it next to an elf doll
over the garden wall | Tumblr
over the garden wall | Tumblr
an animal sitting on the ground next to another animal and some people flying around it
My neighbor over the garden wall . . . . . #myneighbortotoro #totoro #otgw…
three cartoon characters are standing next to each other
tome of the unknown / over the garden wall
tome of the unknown / over the garden wallMikkel Sommer
two children are walking in the woods at night
Over The Garden Wall
Review: Over The Garden Wall · TV Club · The A.V. Club
an animated scene with many people dressed up as wizard's and devil's
Over the Garden Wall is one of my all-time favorite pieces of animation and easily a modern classic. Here's a teaser of a print I'll be releasing soon that commemorates The Unknown and all of its wonders (and dangers). #overthegardenwall by thebeastisback
an image of a fake dinosaur in the woods at night with people around it and lights on
a rock with a face painted on it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Comes with a Free Rock Fact!* *Not necessarily a true fact about rocks Acrylic paint on an actual rock! Rock from Over the Garden Wall is great for your desk, shelf, garden or Greg Cosplay. Because these are actual rocks, the size and shape will vary from rock to rock, but all rocks chosen to be painted as Rock are very Rock-like. Note: The large size has been very popular! However, this means if you order right now, there may be a delay of a few extra days while I make more.
a clock hanging from the side of a wall with an image of a man and woman on it
Vinyl Vida
The Blasting Company – Over The Garden Wall Mondo, 2016 Limited to 1,000 copies. Contains a 20 Page booklet with lyrics and sheet music. Pressed on 180-Gram “Beast-colored” (clear with black) vinyl. Artwork – Sam Wolfe Connelly
a person walking through a forest with an umbrella in the sun shining down on them
the art of animation
Nicholas Bono Kennedy - https://www.facebook.com/NicholasBonoKennedy - http://paintwithnick.tumblr.com - https://www.instagram.com/paintwithnick - http://nicholasbonokennedyportfolio.tumblr.com -...
a person sitting on the ground with an umbrella over their head and wearing a red hat
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'Over The Garden Wall' Print (**This item is in preorder! Your order will be filled starting June-July. This print features Wirt and Gregory (and Mr. President/Greg Jr./Dr. Cucumber/the frog!) from Cartoon Network's series Over The Garden Wall.)
an old fashioned lantern with a silhouette of a person in the woods on it's side
The Happy Goldfish
The Mondo record release of the Over the Garden Wall soundtrack had a really cool version of the Beast’s lantern on the cover that showed Wirt and Greg walking through the woods and it was such a neat...