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a large brown bear laying on top of snow covered ground with his head resting on its paws
Bear with me so tired !!!
two polar bears standing next to each other in the snow
Scent Is Essential When Polar Bears Search For Mates ...
a polar bear floating on its back in the water
A refrescarse!!
multiple images of polar bears in the tundra with purple flowers and green grass behind them
Polar Bear More
a polar bear sitting on top of a log in the water
polar bear drinking water
Thristy polar super cute!
a brown bear riding on top of a red bike in front of a cloudy sky
Biker Bear on imgfave
a black bear cub is sitting in a tree and looking out from behind the branch
The Beauty of Wildlife
The Beauty of Wildlife
a panda bear sitting on top of a tree branch
32 Beautiful Photos of Animal Kingdom - BeautyHarmonyLife
Yeah at first glance, "it's so cute!!" then I wonder, should someone help it get unstuck???
a large black bear sitting on top of a forest floor next to a baby bear
Bill Lea Photography - Continuing last night's story about The Mom With Four Cubs and her extra tiny cub, this very special mom certainly seemed to understand she had a "special needs" baby. Nearly every time I saw The Mom With Four Cubs lay down she would almost always cradle her tiniest cub in her front arms. I will never forget this particular morning when I took tonight's photo. It was early spring and mama was on a very steep hillside with her four cubs. She was on the uphill side of a huge yellow poplar tree, where a rather small flat area had formed (as often is the case uphill of a large tree on a steep slope). I imagine her cubs, at least three of them, had spent the night in the limbs and branches of this tree high above her resting spot. You can see in the photo how she was cradling her tiny baby, which I thought was especially endearing. I suspect she had spent the night right there with her little cub curled-up within her protective arms. But what struck me most at this particular time was how she was just looking-out off this hillside into the distance with a distinct far-away look in her eyes. It was like she was in deep thought - in another world. I have no way of knowing, but at the time and subsequently, I have always believed she was thinking about the welfare of the tiny cub she was embracing. I have never seen a bear "so-absent" and deep in thought previously or thereafter. She seemed concerned, but somewhat at peace. The entire situation had a profound effect regarding my thoughts about bears and bear emotions from that time forward. I will end the week tomorrow night with some parting thoughts about this very very special bear I came to know as the Mom With Four Cubs. | Facebook
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a small black bear climbing up the side of a tree branch in a zoo enclosure
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a polar bear swimming under water with a fish in it's mouth
two polar bears playing with each other in the snow
a polar bear climbing up a tree in the snow
a polar bear sitting on its hind legs and holding it's head with both hands
Cute looking Polar Bear