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an elevated garden bed with plants growing in it
How to Build a Vertical Vegetable Garden
You can train vegetables like cucumbers, pole beans, and cucumbers to go up instead of out.
a catnip is tied to a wooden post with writing on it and the word catsnip written in chinese
How to Organize Every Room in Your House with a Magnetic Knife Strip
Garden marker idea- might be willing to take them apart and spray paint them before I write the plant name on them.
several wooden signs with names on them in front of some plants and bushes, all pointing to different directions
DIY Garden Tags
a wine cork is sticking out of the top of a potted plant with green leaves
DIY wine cork garden markers, cute for container gardens
rocks with words written on them sitting on a wooden table
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DIY Garden Markers
three painted rocks that say lettuce, tomato and lettuce
25 DIY Garden Markers To Organize And Beautify Your Garden
Summer Garden DIY Project Homemade Garden Markers Using Stones - Another pinner said all the paint on mine has mostly chipped of and cracked. better seal them if you are going to make them.
several raised garden beds with plants growing in them and one person standing next to it
Raised beds - little greenhouses
a wooden garden box with plants growing in it on top of graveled ground next to grass and trees
Search gardening
Mini Greenhouse - raised garden beds - Adventure Time