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this is an easy diy coastal decor idea using seashells and string lights
Easy DIY Coastal Decor
a person holding up a wooden board with small birds on it and moss growing out of the top
a painting with rocks and shells on it
#akőlelke #papptimi #taspano #pebbles #piedras #k…
three black and red owls sitting on top of a tree branch next to two white circles
a blue bird with a green hat and scarf sitting on a piece of driftwood
two owls sitting on top of a tree stump
Creative Ideas for Painted Pebble and River Stone Crafts
two wooden carvings with birds on them and one is made out of driftwood, the other has carved wood
topsy turvy doll pattern Archives
two rocks with fishing rods in the shape of people sitting on top of each other
Les galets sont absolument fabuleux pour créer des décorations murales délicates et uniques!
a piece of wood with sea glass and starfish on it
Χριστουγεννιάτικες κατασκευές με βότσαλα