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the creation of adam and eve, painted by raphael del pio
The creation of Adam wallpaper
the creation of adam and eve
The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo.
an aerial view of the roman forum in rome, italy at sunset with text overlay that reads anni belmabrouke
The Forum, Rome, Italy (via Beautiful Italy)
a hand making the middle finger sign in front of a rusted metal wall with an orange background
Roma furbabies
black and white photograph of people in an old car
La Dolce Vita - 15 movies set in Rome and their locations 30
a woman is standing in front of a group of people sitting at tables on the sidewalk
Rome, via Veneto, 1950s
a series of photos showing different types of hands and feet with text on the bottom
I might have to try this out this afternoon/evening. I've got the materials for it already! :D
two small children are playing with a sign
Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Rome, Italy.
Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Rome, Italy
an illustration of lilacs with green leaves
Viktorianische sterben Cut Schrott Blumen | eBay
a koala sleeping on top of a tree branch with its head resting on a stick
Tony's Blog
So sleepy
two children are playing in the water near an old boat that has been turned into a fountain
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Audrey Hepburn in Rome at the Barcaccia Fountain at the base of the Spanish Steps.
an image of a cell phone screen that is showing the same pattern as it appears
black and white pattern design by lie dirkx, via Flickr
an abstract black and white pattern with halftone dots in the center, which are overlapping
a group of men in striped uniforms standing next to each other with red and yellow hair
The Light of Faith
The Papal Guard, Vatican,Italy