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a drawing of a cartoon character sitting on the ground
Derek Laufman — #inktober Day 11 - Sam from Trick r Treat. Highly...
a small black and white tattoo of a teddy bear
30 Unique Voodoo Doll Tattoos For Your Inspiration
a woman's arm with a red rose tattoo on the left wrist and hand
What Do Rose Tattoos Symbolize?
a person's arm with black ink on it and flowers growing out of the wrist
Pretty Hand Tattoos
Have you been thinking about a cute tattoo on your hand for a long time, but haven't taken the risk yet? It's a really complicated step, so it's worth exploring this question further. We told you all about this tattoo spot and shared some cool designs.
the back of a man's shoulder with a cross and two birds on it
Death Tattoos
artwork by Derek Hess
a man's arm with a bear and water reflection tattoo on the left forearm
Top 22 Back Tattoos For Men And Women
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a man's stomach with an angel tattoo on his side and the word love written in
a man's head with tattoos on it and his ear piercings in front of him
15 Dazzling Candle Tattoos
15 Dazzling Candle Tattoos
two hands that have tattoos on them, one with a skull and the other with a woman's face