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Ballet Clock
a drawing of a light bulb made out of geometric shapes on watercolour paper
Izabel Sladecekova
Drawings 3rd March 2016 The other day when I was taking the light bulb apart, I was observing the shapes of shards and I thought it would look interesting if I used those shapes in my drawings. Some...
an abstract black and white photo with three hexagonal shapes
Text posters & prints | Posters with text
Trendy poster with a neat hexagon pattern in shades of gray. An interesting graphical piece to hang on the wall combined with some of our other illustrations or text posters.
an abstract painting with blue and green shapes in gold frame on white wall above it
Plakater i guld og sølv | Guldplakater
Petrol Hexagon, plakater
a black and white photo of an abstract object
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cool patterns here - could be wall covering more at: Inspiration, Desain Grafis, Textile Design, Linocut, Print, Grafik
Marimekko Vatruska Black/White Fabric Repeat - Made in Finland
cool patterns here - could be wall covering more at:
a black and white striped bottle with water drops
a drawing of leaves on a white background with blue, orange and red inks
I ♥ Etsy - Eloise Renouf
iheartprintsandpatterns: I ♥ Etsy - Eloise Renouf
black and white circles are arranged on a brown surface
Circles - Abbey Withington...Scandinavian inspired fabric intended for interiors. Painted with ink and screen printed onto linen
several circular designs are shown in red and white
an image of oranges and lemons with the word ten & tee on them
Annplified: New Print: Citrus Salad - LOVE THIS!!!
a black and white wallpaper with an abstract design in shades of blue, grey and white
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
. by marjorie
an abstract background with many different colored cubes in the same pattern, all on one side
SYMBOLISM. HEXAGON symbolic meaning.
SYMBOLISM. HEXAGON symbolic meaning. #tattoo design,art and culture | INKSPIRATION