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a kitchen filled with lots of white appliances and shelves full of dishes on top of them
an organized pantry with white containers and bins
#Ivar #Monotone #Pantry Ivar Monotone Pantry
a woman standing on top of a wooden shelf next to shelves filled with food and drinks
Angebote & Aktionen
Angebote & Aktionen #Aktionen #amenagementmaison #Angebote
a wooden table topped with black chairs next to a shelf filled with bottles and glasses
juli 2014
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the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a coffee shop or office space
ゴミ箱収納スペース実例集☆生活感の出るゴミ箱をインテリアに馴染ませる方法! | folk (16ページ)
a kitchen with gray cabinets and stainless steel refrigerator freezer next to a white tiled floor
IVAR hack adds storage to this Storybook Cottage Kitchen - IKEA Hackers
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking or dining, while also being used as an office
Ivar Instant Kitchen - IKEA Hackers
en cut the 12×49 shelf units with a knotch in the back leg (see pic) so that they sit level with one leg on the counter top backboard. Metal L brackets hold the counter-top to the bottom shelf risers, and the bottom shelves are brought forward a bit to match nicely with the front lip of counter-top.
a wooden table and chairs in a room
IVAR 2 section unit with foldable table - pine, white - IKEA
a wooden shelf filled with lots of glasses next to a black stool and lamp hanging from the ceiling
a kitchen area with shelves, cabinets and various items on the counter top in front of a chalkboard
3d модели - скачать на 3ddd.ru
Ivar Metal & Wire Pantry
a store filled with lots of bottles and shelves
A small grocery store with shelving units and cabinets in solid wood painted grey
a store filled with lots of bottles and shelves
15 brilliantly creative fixes for even the TINIEST kitchen!
IKEA IVAR allows you to make clever use of every space - from walls to over to the sink (pictured: IVAR 4 sections/shelves, $658, with bottle racks ($15) and OBSERVATÖR clip-on baskets, $4.99
the pantry is stocked with lots of food
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Rangement ouvert IVAR dans une cuisine ouverte
a refrigerator and shelves in a kitchen with pots, pans and bowls on them
Znaczki jak Robaczki Dom z bala on Instagram: "Kuchenny pierdzielnik. Miał być na chwile, do czasu aż nie padnie lodówka i nie zrobimy w zabudowie. Ale coś mi się zdaje, że cieżko będzie mi się z nim rozstać. Lubię ten „artystyczny” nieład, który wprowadza do wnętrza. Na pewno dodaje mu charakteru. Lubię gdy jest trochę inaczej niż wszyscy oczekują. Wiecie. Tak trochę na przekór. #kuchnia #kuchniaikea #ivarikea #spiżarka #ceramikabolesławiec #bolesławiec #przyrawy #kuchniawdomu #takatyciabudowa