Renter-Friendly Decorating

Living in a rental? This collection of renter friendly decorating ideas will help you turn any rental into a home you love, including how to use peel and stick…
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a person's feet in black and pink sneakers with the words, ideas for using bathroom tile stickers
Ideas for Using Bathroom Tile Stickers
Bathroom tile stickers are quick and easy to use! And depending on how you lay them out, you can create TONS of different looks! Check out lots of clever ways to use vinyl stickers to completely change the look of your ugly tile floors!
bathroom wall stickers that are how to use them
Bathroom Wall Stickers | What They Are + How to Use Them
Curious about bathroom wall stickers? In this post, I'm breaking down what they are, how to use them, and answering all your FAQs including whether bathroom wall decals are removable. If you've been considering this easy and affordable idea, this is the get-started guide you need!
there is a teddy bear on the bed in this bedroom with blue and white decor
6 Great Valance Ideas That Work with Blinds
If you need blinds on your windows for light control or privacy, you might be stumped on how to make them look nicer. How about a window valance? Here are 6 super stylish and easy valance ideas that all work WITH the blinds already on your windows!
a bedroom with blue and white bedding, pictures on the wall and a teddy bear
Easy Wooden Cornice | Step-by-Step
This easy Wooden Cornice project requires minimal tools, inexpensive supplies, and just a few hours of time! Click through to see just how do-able this modern window treatment idea really is!
a white frame with the words skip the custom framing on it and an image of red feathers
Skip the Custom Framing - Try THIS Instead!
Even if you have artwork or photos that are unusual size, you can STILL frame them on the cheap. Skip the custom framing and try this budget-friendly framing trick instead!
a person's hand on top of a drawer with the words how to line your drawers without frustration
How to Line Your Drawers (Without Frustration!)
If you love the idea of adding pretty papers to the bottoms of your drawers or cabinets...but ALWAYS get frustrated...this is the guide you need. I'm breaking down my foolproof process in step-by-step photos AND a video!
a washer and dryer sitting next to each other in a room with the words budget laundry room makeover
Budget Laundry Room Makeover | Easy DIYs for Serious Style!
No money for a laundry room renovation? You can STILL make your laundry room look amazing. Check out this budget laundry room makeover full of easy DIYs that add serious style!
how to update a fireplace surround with peel and stick tile
How to Update a Fireplace Surround with Peel & Stick Tile
Do you have an old or dated fireplace surround? Learn how to give it a stunning update with peel and stick tile! This budget-friendly, removable transformation can add serious style to your space!
a woman holding up a light fixture in her living room with the words how to change light fixtures in your rental
How to Change Light Fixtures In Your Rental
Changing out light fixtures is completely renter-friendly! But if you don't know how to hard wire, you might not be sure what to do! I've got lots of solutions for swapping rental lighting in this helpful guide!
the complete guide to wallpapering furniture with pictures and instructions on how to use it
A Complete Guide to Wallpapering Furniture
Before you update that old furniture with wallpaper, be sure to give this comprehensive guide a read. From what furniture works best, what wallpapers work best, if you need to seal it, and more, I'm answering everything you need to know about putting wallpaper on furniture!
a tv sitting on top of a white shelf next to blue bins filled with toys
12+ Things You Can (Safely) Put On Rental Walls
Beyond just paint and peel and stick wallpaper, there are lots of other things renters can SAFELY put on rental walls! In this post, I'm sharing dozens of real life ideas that are easy, budget-friendly, stylish, and totally removable!
a light fixture with the words ready to change that uglylight fixture in your rental?
Ready to Change That Ugly Light Fixture In Your Rental?
Do you have the dreaded boob light fixtures in your rental? You don't have to live with them! Swapping out rental light fixtures is easier (and cheaper!) than you think. Learn everything you need to know before getting started in this rental decor guide!
the easy way to makeover ugly rental floors is by using black and white tiles
The Easiest Way to Makeover Ugly Rental Floors
Ugly rental floors can be tough to fix since anything you do has to be removable. But I've discovered an incredibly hack to update ugly rental floors using a vinyl floor mat! This project is quick, easy, and super stylish!
a woman is hanging bathroom wall decals on the back of a cabinet above a toilet
How to Hang Bathroom Wall Decals
Learn how to hang bathroom wall decals in this complete beginners guide. I'm breaking down what bathroom wall stickers are, how to use them, and what happens when you peel them off. This peel and stick product is ideal for renters, dorm rooms, and more!
the cover of easy corince board ideas for every room in the house, featuring a rocking chair
Easy Cornice Board Ideas for Every Room in the House
A cornice board is a great way to add color, pattern, and texture to your windows when drapes or curtains just won't work. If you're considering this easy window treatment, be sure to click through for 6 different cornice board ideas that can work in every room of the house!