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What's more refreshing than the fragrance of valley lilies on a summer day? Get all the flower gardening ideas, designs, plans, and layouts for both beginners and green thumbs. There are plenty of floral arrangements and inspiration to improve the curb appeal of your home. This board has the best flower gardening ideas and pictures. Check out!
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flowers and plants with text overlay that reads 15 easy flowering succulents to plant indoors
15 Easy Flowering Succulents to Plant Indoors
While most succulents don’t have a problem producing and keeping beautiful their flowers, some are notorious when it comes to dropping those flowers. This post covers a list of easy flowering succulents to plant in your house or office and get to enjoy their showy blooms. Given the right conditions, almost all the succulent plants will bear flowers. But some require more specialized care and attention to bloom than others. This group is what most green thumbs term as...
types of begonias in pots flowering Begonia Houseplant Varieties, Over Wintering Begonias, Indoor Begonia House Plants, Different Types Of Begonias, Begonia Varieties And Names, Weeping Begonia Plant, Cane Begonia Varieties, Wax Begonias In Pots, Surefire Begonias
Different Types of Begonias to Grow in Your Garden
Be sure to include begonias on your list of plants to grow in your garden this year. There are so many different types of begonias, you're sure to find one that will thrive in your climate and garden conditions. Check out this list of begonia types and get growing!
the cover of an article about daffodils
11 Types of Daffodils: The Ultimate List (With Pictures)
How many types of daffodils are you familiar with? I bet that even though you might not have these beautiful flowers in your garden, you might have heard about them. And perhaps you’ve come across our article on Why You Should Deadhead Daffodils After They Bloom. Thus, I trust that you probably have some basics on daffodils. With this in mind, I feel that I should at least discuss the different types of daffodils you can grow in your garden should you plan to...
three different types of lilies with text overlay that reads 23 popular types of lilies the complete list
23 Types of Lilies The Complete List (With Pictures)
Did you know that there are many types of lilies that you can use to make your home more beautiful? From the rarest lilies like the Lilium polyphyllum (white Himalayan lily) to the prettiest lilies like the trumpet and oriental lily types? This article is about various lily types including garden lilies with the longest summer blooms e.g. Asiatic lilies and beautiful indoor lilies like the peace lily. ...
sunflowers growing from seeds in pots with text overlay reading growing sunflowers from seeds in pots
How to Grow Sunflowers from Seeds and Cuttings
One word that describes sunflowers is – summer. Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a heliotropic annual flowering plant. Heliotropic means that it turns the flowers in the direction where the sun goes. With more than 70 varieties, some of its gorgeous varieties include the autumn beauty, Moulin rouge, Mammoth, and Teddy bear. Read our guide to know exactly how to grow sunflowers from seeds and stem cuttings. You can grow sunflowers from both seeds and stem cuttings...
how to grow azaleas in your garden
How to Grow Azaleas in Your Garden Step by Step
There’s a reason that azaleas are known as “The Royalty of the Garden”. With their striking colors and long-lasting blooms, these are some of the most beautiful flowers around. With so many varieties, ranging in size, color, and shape, these stunning flowers add instant intrigue to your garden—making a statement. And they’re not just beautiful, either. Azaleas are known for their ability to adapt to their environment and survive. Compared to other flowers, they are surprisingly low-maintenance..
flowers with the title growing pansies how to care for pansy and viola flowers
Growing Pansies: How To Care For Pansy and Viola Flowers
Pansies are popular, wonderful, easy-to-grow flowers providing early color in cold climates and winter flower in milder climates. [GROWING
bluebells with the words want more bluebells? use this tip
Want More Bluebells? Use THIS Tip!
Do You Want More Bluebells? Then Use THIS Tip! This article will teach you easy and quick tips for Growing Bluebells in your lawn, in the wild, and in your flower garden. #bluebells #flowers #gardening
A large planting of pink and violet petunias among shrubs with the text overlay: How to Plant Flowers for Front Yard Landscaping Flowers For Front Yard, How To Plant Flowers, New Guinea Impatiens, Making Raised Garden Beds, Backyard Hacks, Growing Cut Flowers, Add Curb Appeal, Front Walk, Ornamental Grass
How to Plant Flowers for Front Yard Landscaping
Learn how to plant flowers for making your front yard landscaping gorgeous! When planted properly, flowers can increase the curb appeal of your home. Learn the tricks the professionals use to make your home look like it was professionally landscaped!
daisies in the garden with text overlay how to grow daisies indoors
How to Grow Daisies Indoors
Daisies are one of the most popular perennial spring and summer flowers and you can learn How to start & grow Daisies Indoors with these flower growing and caring tips with this easy to follow article. #daisies #flowers #gardening
daisies in the garden with text overlay how to grow daisies indoors
How to Grow Daisies Indoors
Daisies are one of the most popular perennial spring and summer flowers and you can learn How to start & grow Daisies Indoors with these flower growing and caring tips with this easy to follow article. #daisies #flowers #gardening
white flowers with the title how to grow and care for gardenias in front of them
How to Grow & Care for Gardenias - Step by Step
The article you are about to read is all about how to grow gardenias and gardenia bush care. Gardenia bush is a woody perennial shrub that grows in USDA plant hardiness zones 8 through 11. This attractive evergreen small to medium shrub produces fragrant and beautiful creamy flowers from late spring to late autumn. It is a love to many gardeners with its flowers symbolizing gentleness, purity, secret love and, joy.
colorful flowers with the title 9 actionable tips for gerber daisy care and handling
9 Actionable Tips For Gerbera Daisy Care and Handling
Gerbera daisies, also known as Transvaal daisy, are commonly used in bouquets as cut flowers, but in specific plant growing zones (8-11), you can grow them outside as perennials. In today's… More
white snapdragon flowers with text overlay how to grow and care for snapdragon flowers
How to Grow and Care for Snapdragon Flowers
Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus) are tender perennial cut flowers that according to the US Department of Hardiness Zones are only hardy in Zones 8 /9 through 11. This article is about snapdragon… More
pansy flowers in the snow with text overlay how to care for pansy flowers during winter
How to Care for Pansies in Winter
Bright and colorful pansies will grow in cooler temps, but they still need extra attention to survive and thrive in winter. These tips will help you care for these violet family members throughout the cold months, while assuring the healthiest plants and the most blooms in springtime. #pansy #winter #gardenerspath