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a hand holding a light shade with slotty on it
Einfach nur cool abhängen… Letzter Winterferientag. Heute dürfen wir noch mal faul sein, den Tag im Schlafanzug verbringen und alle Süßigkeiten und Kekse aufessen, die bisher irgendwie die Weihnachtszeit überlebt haben. Diese beiden Faultiere aus Pappkartonresten und Wäscheklammern machen mit. #honigkukuk #faultiere #wäscheklammern #pappe #diyblogger #craftingfun #sloth #bastelnmitkindern #diyinspiration #bastelidee #kidscraft #craftsforkids #lebenmitkindern
a tin can filled with lots of different types of paper fish sitting on top of a green box
Pesci in cartapesta / paper fish
Creazioni in cartapesta di Mariapia Gambino Faenza #papiermache #cartapesta #mariapiagambino #art #fish #pesci #paper #papier #carta #papersculptures
some paper cut out animals are sitting on the table
Pahviaskartelua / Simple Cardboard Animals
A blog about home decor, upcycling, sewing, painting, drawing, photography, flea market finds, travelling, cooking etc. You are warmly welcomed!
an origami bird sitting on top of a table
Fabric Lenny Sketchbook
Fabric Lenny Sketchbook
a bird statue sitting on top of a wooden table next to a painting easel
Fabric Lenny Sketchbook
Fabric Lenny Sketchbook: May 2014
a bird made out of cardboard sitting on top of a book shelf in a library
Made in Hoyland Workshop - Cardboard Birds
Here are a couple of cardboard birds made in a workshop with children a couple of months ago, as part of the 'Made in Hoyland' project at Ho...
cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other in the shape of a house with windows
Paperboard houses - cool design & could work for scenery.
a hand holding a gray ball of food
Tutorials - How To Make Pulp Ala Miranda Rook
how to make a really good papier mache may have this recipe already, but just in case
some paper cranes are hanging from a string
We believe in the hype
I used to do a lot of origami. Im feeling this, Summer Finn's apartment vibes.
an image of a toy shark with its mouth open and toothbrushes in it's mouth
DIY Recicla una botella de plástico para jugar (EL MUNDO DEL RECICLAJE)
DIY Recicla una botella de plástico para jugar
colorful paper butterflies hanging from the side of a window
candy wrapper mobiles close-up Mass MOCA
the room is filled with many different colored paper butterflies hanging from the ceiling and windows
Candy Wrapper Mobiles at Mass MOCA, North Adams, MA
a dining room table and chairs with colorful paper decorations on the columns in front of them
Livingetc: Modern home design and style
Modern mobiles by Frazier and Wing | Life.Style.etc.......make with car shapes for grandson