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some people are standing together with the caption only reason i click on your facebook page is to see which multiple personality you're posting under today
"Rent a Storge unit, becasue some Halloween costumes just look a bit weird hanging in your closet year round"--Halloween is approaching, and it is time to go into your storage units and pull out those costumes! When the season passes, you can return your items to their storage unit home | Self Storage
a cartoon depicting two people standing in front of a moving truck
Moving Right Along: A Little Moving Humor
There is no easier move than a move with U-Haul. When it comes to the rear door latch, it’s important to make sure it is opened and closed properly so we do not run into any issues to make a normal move more stressful. | Moving Day Humor
a cardboard box with the words keep flaps out of the way with the flap lock feature
Moving Boxes
Are the pesky flaps getting in the way of you packing your boxes. Well U-Haul moving boxes have a built in solution that will make packing more enjoyable and efficent-- The Flap Lock Feature. This feature keeps the flaps out of the way to make packing speedy. | Packing Tips
a cartoon depicting two people sitting on bean bags with the caption you're over - packing your carbo pants again
Although tempting, do not over-pack your cargo pants. Instead pack your cargo van! Renting a cargo van is a cost-effective solution to moving and transporting small loads so both you and your pants can be happy!
a dog is sitting in the back of a truck with christmas decorations on it's bed
Cargo, utility and car trailer rentals
Some items are too large to simply drive home without a rental -- Daniel and his wife Cathy were antique shopping when they found this unique Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer Ride. They decided to rent a U-Haul trailer to transport this amazing Christmas Decoration/ Game to their home. | Trailers and Towing
a close up of a grill with the words how to use a moving truck ramp
U-Haul Truck Rentals | Moving Trucks for Local and One Way Moves
The low decks on U-Haul trucks were designed for families to load right from their house. Our competitors' trucks were designed to be loaded from a loading dock.Our patented EZ-Load Ramps ® are wider, shorter and more rigid than any other ramps in the industry. See how to use here | Moving Trucks and Vans
a black car being towed by a truck with the words how to drive a moving truck with an auto transport trailer
Moving Insider
a blue car being towed by a tow truck with the words how to tow a hot rod on it
Moving Insider
Whether you need to move it across town or across the country, personally towing your hot rod, classic roadster or next project car is not only more cost efficient, but it gives you complete control. Follow these easy tips to successfully tow a hot rod. | Trailers and Towing
a tv with the text moving tip protect your tv when you move with a tv cover
Moving Boxes, Packing Supplies, & Box Kits
This reusable foam cover protects your TV from dust, dirt and other debris while moving or storing. | Moving Tricks and Supplies
a moving truck with the words how to choose the right size
Moving Insider
This guide will help you choose the right size moving truck based on square footage or number of rooms in your home.
a white truck driving down a street next to traffic lights and tall buildings with the words top uhaulfamous on it
Top #uhaulfamous city photos - My U-Haul Story
These moves included a moving truck... with a city view. #Uhaulfamous city photos always tend to be the most breathtaking. I mean, how could you not be drawn to the architecture or lights? We’ve received some pretty great #uhaulfamous city photos and here are some of our favorites | My U-Haul Story
the back of a moving truck with an advertisement on it's side that says, our low decks make your move easier