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a black and white drawing of a woman holding her hands together with the words i'm sorry, i didn't realizing
I Didn't Realize You Were An Expert... snarky, sarcastic, funny, nosy, just for fun, you know who you are, friendship card. [814-202]
a magnet with an image of a woman's face and the words i'm not bossy
I'm Not Bossy Rectangle Magnet | CafePress
Lively Quotes, Sport Posters, What I Like About You, The Maxx, Funny P, Retro Humor, The Maids
Collectible Plaques & Signs for sale | eBay
a black and white photo with the words, obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated
'Obsessed is a Word the Lazy Use' Stretched Canvas Print - Brett Wilson | Art.com
the words keep talking i'm diagnosing you in white on a black background
'keep talking i m diagnosing you nurse' Men's T-Shirt | Spreadshirt
the words leave them at the bottom of the grave they dug for you
Does He Miss Me, Boyfriend Ignoring, Find A Boyfriend, Get Ex Back, Finding A Girlfriend, Ex Friends, Get A Girlfriend, Get A Boyfriend
Stupidity 11 oz Ceramic Mug Stupidity Mug | CafePress
Writing Prompts, Creative Writing, Writing Tips, Shakespeare Quotes, Book Writing Tips, One Liner, Perfect World, Vocabulary Words
insults-tee-cafepress-white-text Men's Value T-Shirt Shakespeare Insults Dark T-Shirt | CafePress
a woman sitting at a desk with the caption i don't hold guides, i hold memories that keep me better prepared for our next encounter
I don't hold grudges. I hold memories that keep me better prepared for our next encounter.
a woman's face with the caption, oh, i offered you with my opinion? you should hear the ones i keep to yourself
The Knot - Your Personal Wedding Planner
two men standing next to each other with the caption'my science doesn't mean i agree with your statement, it's just that the level of your
My silence doesn't mean I agree with your statement...it's just that the level of your ignorance has rendered me speechless.
an image of a person with a green background that says, frank my humor is for my enjoyment it is inconquent if you get it or not
When a woman says "do whatever you want" do NOT do whatever you want.
two people talking to each other with the caption it is better to remain silent and thought
There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life. ~ Frank Zappa