Bruxelles and Antwerpen

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there is a sign that says traveling for darling antwerp on the side of a building
Antwerp Travel Tips: The darling city · Happy Interior Blog
Mid October I spent a wonderful weekend with seven ladies – all of them good friends and fellow design bloggers from across Europe. We gathered in the Belgian port city of Antwerp as part of the Function + Form event series. Our mission was to discover Belgian design and the vibe of Antwerp – a city often overseen when thinking of design destinations. To be honest I didn’t have any idea of Antwerp in general. And let me tell you one thing: I was absolutely surprised by the cool lifestyle and ...
there are two pictures of people walking down the street and one has a statue of mickey mouse
Bruxelles - Miniguide til ferie i EU byen som familie med børn
Miniguide til ferie i Bruxelles med børn - oplevelser som Moof tegneseriemuseum, EU parlamentarium, Manniken Pis, billige hotelvær mv - Læs mere her
there are two different types of breakfast food on the table and in front of them
Spis godt i Bruxelles - guide til de bedste spisesteder i byen
Find de bedste pommes frites, den bedste chokolade og kaffe og de lækreste belgiske vafler - læs her en guide til dejlige spiseoplevelser i Bruxelles
the interior of a restaurant with wooden bar stools and menu boards on the wall
7 ølbarer i Bruxelles
7 ølbarer i Bruxelles
a tall red brick building sitting on the side of a road
MOMU - Alamy / All Over Press
an old building on the corner of a city street with people walking around in the rain
MOMU - Alamy / All Over Press
three children are sitting on a round red table in a room with white walls and flooring
MoMu Antwerp
Plan je bezoek - ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen
a room filled with lots of tables and chairs next to televisions on the wall
Galerie - Des photos de nos espaces
Cliquer pour fermer l'image, cliquer et faire glisser pour déplacer, utiliser les touches flèches droite et gauche pour suivant et précédent.
many buildings are lined up on the street
a man standing in front of a blue building with a backpack on it's back
Bruxelles rummer det bedste af mange traditioner - Alt for damerne
there are many different types of beer on the trays and in glasses with cheese
Top 5 Foodie Treats in Brussels - Honest Cooking
Priscilla Willis travels to Brussels and comes back with a personal top 5 list of things to eat in the "European Capital".
an empty restaurant with blue stools and white counter tops on cobblestone flooring
Balls & Glory restaurant Felixpakhuis De Markt – Godefriduskaai 30 2000 Antwerpen
an empty store front with chairs and tables in the window
Een passend interieuradvies voor ieder huis.
three shops in Antwerp you need to see at