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an image of a waterfall in the middle of some trees and water with mist coming from it
a fountain with a face on it and water coming out of the top, in front of a blue wall
a woman in a yellow and green dress walking down the street with other people behind her
Wonderful Color Photographs of The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 1964
there are many chairs and tables on the beach by the water with a rainbow in the sky
there are many boats that are docked on the side of the river in the jungle
Não acho oque isso seja o Brazil…
a neon sign that is on the side of a building
não deixe o samba morrer
people sitting at tables in a restaurant with lots of artwork on the walls and windows
Cafe in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro
the outside of a restaurant with red chairs and tables in front of it's storefront
some buildings are in the middle of trees
there is a bowl with some food in it on the table near the beach and ocean
a man in a straw hat standing at a food stand on the beach near the ocean
many people are on the beach with umbrellas