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a card with purple flowers and green leaves
Pin on Just Pressed Flower Art
Art made of pressed flovers and leaves. #pressed #herbarium #art #silkpress #botany #photography Art, Diy, Leaf Projects, Painted Leaves, Leaf Wall Art, Flower Diy Crafts
Art made of pressed flovers and leaves
Art made of pressed flovers and leaves
a white frame with pink and yellow flowers on it in front of a light colored wall
JUST B SMILING : Vancouver Bouquet Preservation
a drawing of a woman in a purple and yellow tutu skirt holding two sticks
Anagha's Pressed Flower Petal Girls
a card with flowers and leaves on it
By Amie Clay... Pressed flower art with leaves and blossoms from the Pacific Northwest.
a painting with red leaves in a wooden frame
three framed pictures with red and yellow leaves hanging on the wall next to each other
DIY. Pressed leaves glued to back of picture placed back into frame
a maple leaf art is displayed in front of a vase
Fall Crafts - Pinterest Challenge #7
. #pressed #herbarium #art #silkpress #botany #photography Dekoration, Kunst, Hobby, Bloemen, Creative, Diy Déco, Basteln, Art Du Pliage De Livres
MyBotanicaStore - Pressed Herbarium Art
an art piece with flowers hanging on the wall next to another artwork piece that has been made out of metal chains
an image of a flower in a wooden frame
pressed flowers_57890_12_
four framed pictures with leaves on them
reclaimed frame, using fall leaves I collected and pressed.