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a white ceramic bowl with holes in it and some flowers growing out of the inside
Angela Venarchik Ceramics-Core Collection
several white plates with plants in them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Shopper's Diary: A Garden Pop-Up by Designer David Stark - Gardenista
Through November 15, a David Stark-designed garden pop-up shop in Detroit is showcasing collaborations between international designers and local artists.
four different pictures of rocks with flowers in them and one has a leaf on it
stirring up the meltingpot
a white vase with some flowers in it on a table next to a small rock
寺井 陽子 展 2015/ 5/13 - 31
a hand is pouring water into a potted plant
Waternetworks – Drops by Fulguro | Dezeen
a blue and white striped cup sitting on top of a table
【楽天市場】瀬戸焼 小春花窯 麦藁手 そば猪口 青(瀬戸焼・小春花窯):みんげい おくむら
瀬戸焼 小春花窯 そば猪口