1920 makeup

Step back in time with these vintage 1920s makeup ideas. Learn how to recreate the iconic flapper look and add a touch of old Hollywood glamour to your makeup routine.
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Most 1920s makeup tutorials online show how to apply 1920s inspired makeup or looks based off of black and white film movie stars. Both are inaccurate to the real 1920s. Makeup for the everyday woman was much softer and more natural. This tutorial is about creating the natural 1920s look for both the day and

Phelecia Corpening
These Fabulous Facts About Flappers Prove they Made the 20s Roar 1920s Makeup, Flapper Girls, Egyptian Fashion, 20s Flapper, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Flapper Girl, 1920s Flapper, Silent Movie

The 1920s was a decade of rapid change, and societal values – particularly among urban elites – quickly shifted from women being expected to be wives who are subordinate to their husbands to women valuing independence and breaking the rules. In other words, many young women became flappers. 36. Flappers…

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