1950s art

Discover the vibrant and influential art of the 1950s. Immerse yourself in the bold colors, abstract forms, and innovative techniques of this iconic era.
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In the 1950s abstract expressionism was in full flower. American magazine illustrations, on the other hand, remained fairly tight and realistic. Yet, these representational illustrations often contained abstract flurries of brush strokes and color, frequently in the tousled hair of stylish women. Andy Virgil Compare Coby Whitmore's treatment of hair... Coby Whitmore ...with Willem de Kooning's abstraction: de Kooning In fact, flipping through the typical illustrations in women's magazines in…

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How did artists like Norman Rockwell, Austin Briggs, Jon Whitcomb, and others create the believable unique faces that can tell a whole story by themselves? In a magazine cover, like those by Rockwell and Stevan Dohanos, the image, with its setting and, most of all, its characters, must convey an anecdote without any help from words. So each face must be carefully crafted to do its part in creating the drama⸺or comedy.

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