40s fashion

Step back in time and discover the elegance and sophistication of 40s fashion. From tailored suits to glamorous evening gowns, get inspired to embrace vintage style with a modern twist.
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The term 'teenager' was coined in 1941, and Seventeen magazine printed its first issue in 1944, showing off young teenager-targeted clothing and interests. It was a new market, one that was somewhere between girls and college-age young women. Teenagers were obsessed with crooner Frank Sinatra, hung out at soda fountains, and danced all night to

Rebecca Hidalgo
I am beyond smitten with this fantastic soda shop illustration featuring a selection of spring fashions from 1949. #soda #shop #teenagers #spring #vintage #1940s #fashion #clothing #dress Dress Patterns, Model, Style, Styl, Pattern Fashion, Giyim, Ilustrasi, Moda, Fashion Design

The gray days of winter have me looking forward to spring and lighter/brighter clothing. I scanned these from a 1949 insert of the pattern department of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The green ensemble with matching beret in the first picture has my name all over it. I love the color combination. While the 30s is my absolute favorite era, there are so many things I love about the designs of this time period too. So pretty!