90s bob haircut shoulder length

Get a chic and stylish look with a shoulder length bob haircut inspired by the 90s. Explore the top ideas for this timeless hairstyle and rock the retro vibes.
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43 Structured Sophistication Bob Haircut Ideas : Shoulder Length Layered Bob

10. Shoulder Length Layered Bob One of the remarkable features of the bob is its adaptability. From the sleek blunt bob to the textured layered bob, there are various iterations to complement diverse personalities and preferences.

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43 Structured Sophistication Bob Haircut Ideas : Above Shoulder 90s Vibe Bob

42. Above Shoulder 90s Vibe Bob We introduce an array of contemporary and timeless bob haircut concepts designed to inspire a chic and sophisticated look.

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41.3K likes, 152 comments. “The 90s layered bob with a classic blowout , we are totally sold. Make sure you hit the link in our bio to book your next hair appointment. Colour by @rachelsyas | Cut and styled by @lovemeknot_ for @katie_budenberg in our Notting Hill salon.”