Abandoned Houses

Discover the allure of abandoned houses and their hidden stories. Explore top ideas for capturing the haunting beauty of these forgotten spaces.
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Our fascination with architecture runs deep. We pay attention to the structures around us because of the way it shapes our experiences and tells stories about the culture. To really understand our environment, we can explore cities by strolling down the main streets and learning about history by admiring famous landmarks. For some of us, however, the view from the bottom and from a safe distance is simply not enough.

Neil Evison
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When we call a place home, instead of a house, we’re ascribing a sort of positive emotion to it. But on the flip side, a windowless, empty house can evoke melancholy, sad, and even spooky emotions as our brains wonder why the people left in the first place. Mortgage costs are boring, it must be ghosts.

Becky Wells
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It was in this old Uniontown, Albama home where 13-year-old Allan Lucy was murdered by his adoptive father in 1985. For nearly ten years the murder was covered up, and stories were fabricated that Lucy had run away one night, taking all of his belongings with him. Allan Lucy lived in this home with his

Lou Ann Marks