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Discover the perfect Alessi kettle for your kitchen and elevate your tea or coffee experience. Explore a range of stylish and functional designs that will add a touch of elegance to your daily routine.
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The Plissé kettle by Alessi was inspired by the worlds of fashion and architecture. Its three-dimensional surface resembles pleated fabric, and it has a dynamic, sculptural silhouette. Designed by Michele De Lucchi in 2018, Plissé is perfect for both boiling and serving hot water – thanks to the thermally insulated base, you can safely place the kettle on any tabletop. The kettle is equipped with an anti-limescale filter and a safety switch that automatically cuts off the power if there is…

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Alessi’s stylish 9093 kettle was designed by the American architect and designer Michael Graves in 1985. Today, the kettle is a design icon and one of Alessi’s most sought-after products. Graves’ kettle, influenced by art deco, pop art as well as cartoons, was designed to bring its users joy: the spout features a small bird that whistles when the water has reached boiling point. The kettle may also be used on induction hobs and its wide base makes the water heat up faster. Alessi’s classic…

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Reflecting designer Michele De Lucchi's architectural background as well as the drapery of an haute couture dress, the Plissé Electric Kettle is an appliance elevated to art. The 11” high thermoplastic resin design makes a sculptural statement on your countertop between tea times. The Plissé Electric Kettle is made by Alessi, a manufacturer with work in MoMA’s collection. Features include: Turns off automatically a few seconds after water reaches a boil. (The kettle reaches a boil in 4.5…

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For this Il Conico Kettle, a design from 1986, Aldo Rossi transformed his architectural ideas into an everyday kitchen object. As its name implies, this Italian-made, stainless steel design icon is shaped like a cone, and it features a magnetic bottom, making it especially suitable for induction cooking. Both the kettle’s manufacturer, Alessi, and Aldo Rossi are represented in MoMA’s collection. The Il Conico Kettle has a 2-quart capacity and measures 8.7h x 8.9"diam. (Please note that this…

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