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Discover the fascinating stories and achievements of American legends who have left an indelible mark on history. Immerse yourself in their extraordinary lives and be inspired by their remarkable contributions.
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Lee Greenwood sang ‘God Bless The USA’ the same way ever since he wrote it. Now the song gets a gentle reworking with top talent. Lee Greenwood gave birth to a song that was not only legendary but timeless. Ever since ‘God Bless The USA’ hit the music world, it hasn’t gone away. It’s become

Stephanie Humphries
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Country superstar Scotty McCreery sings his touching original hit "I Love You This Big." This is the track that went certified platinum. The artist is quickly becoming a country legend with songs like this showcasing what makes him such a big beloved voice. Taken from his American Idol season ten album, his heartfelt track is

Diana Wilson
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American patriot and film legend, John Wayne, holds sincere pride for America's history, and it was pride that motivated him to tell the history of the song played at every fallen soldier's funeral. John Wayne narrates the history of "Taps" in a heartfelt expression that'll help you gain your own personal connection to the deep

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