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Uncover the secrets of the past with a collection of ancient artifacts. Explore the history and significance of these intriguing objects and embark on a journey through time.
A 3,000-Year-Old Painter's Palette from Ancient Egypt, with Traces of the Original Colors Still In It | Open Culture Ancient Art, Egyptian Art, Archaeology, Ancient Egypt, Fresco, Ancient Egyptian Paintings, Ancient, Egyptian, Egyptian Queen Nefertiti

It’s a good bet your first box of crayons or watercolors was a simple affair of six or so colors... just like the palette belonging to Amenemopet, vizier to Pharaoh Amenhotep III (c.1391 - c.1354 BC), a pleasure-loving patron of the arts whose rule coincided with a period of great prosperity.

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The lessons of the past aren’t just written in history books and brittle, yellowing scrolls—they’re also worked into the art and architecture we appreciate, whether it’s in our beloved museums, protected sites in the Great Outdoors, or splendidly photographed and posted on our favorite social network.

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The Marduk Prophecy - World History Encyclopedia

The Marduk Prophecy is an Assyrian document dating to between 713-612 BCE found in a building known as The House of the Exorcist adjacent to a temple in the city of Ashur. It relates the travels of...

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