Ancient vase

Explore a collection of ancient vases, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of past civilizations. Add a touch of history and elegance to your home with these timeless artifacts.
Terracotta neck-amphora Bolsena Group c.200 BCE The modeled frieze depicting the Battle of Greeks and Amazons consists of seven figures repeated as the scene circles the vase. Identical friezes appear on at least six other amphorae from Orvieto or Bolsena. Several of the groups are derived from Greek relief sculptures such as those found inside the Temple of Apollo at Bassae, which are from a long frieze now in the British Museum. Etruscan Pottery, Hellenistic Art, Roman Pottery, Ancient Vase, Ancient Greek Pottery, Pottery Jars, Istoria Artei, Greek Pottery, Traditional Pottery

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