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Oppa noobie style (õ_ó): Android Custom launcher with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) theme Banner Design, Android, Retro, Pixel Art, Android Design, Android Theme, Mobile App Design, App Design, Mobile App Design Inspiration

LCD home screen If you're feeling nostalgic about the 60's Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and you own an Android phone, you're in luck. The best thing is you don't have to root your precious phone to own this theme but of course, you will have extra nifty features (if you did it). I came across this fantastic home screen from Lifehacker, love at first sight! The author, z3u5 has done a terrific job, a video tutorial is provided on mycolorscreen (using SSLauncher on HTC device). Below are the…

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Description This Chimereon was obtained through Moderator Customs. Designed by: ground-lion Created On: 10/03/2019 Base Value: $1200 Current Owner: Moyagi Owner Log: LYieeee Subspecies: Unknown Tri-horn | Standard Spectrum Smooth Nose Horn Multicolored Horns Magic Manifestation (Hologram, Glitching) Bioluminescence Morphing Body Parts (arms can transform into weapons) Metal Body Parts Previous/Original Design: Please note that when redesigning a Chimereon, use the original design…