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Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with unique animal sculptures. Explore our top ideas to find the perfect piece that will bring charm and character to any room.
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This Artist Repurposes Scrap Metal, Discarded Objects, And Textile Into Lifelike Animal Sculptures (116 Pics)

London-based upcycling artist Barbara Franc uses materials that would otherwise end up in a trash can and add up to the billions of tons of waste we accumulate every year to create amazing sculptures full of movement and unique characters. If you look closely into these lively animals in realistic shapes, you'll notice kitchen utensils, keys, watches, guitar strings, cans—things you've probably been hoarding at some point and never thought they could be brought to life again. Cleverly…

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In Spellbindingly Sensitive Sculptures by Nichola Theakston, Serene Animals Reflect and Dream — Colossal

The natural world and moments of tenderness merge in Lincolnshire-based artist Nichola Theakston’s expressive sculptures. Serene mammals sculpted in terracotta and cast in bronze characterize a tranquil animal world in which they relax, reflect, and dream. “The notion that an individual creature may experience some spiritual dimension beyond its instinctive animal behaviours is the premise behind much of my work,” she explains in a statement. With half-closed eyes or faces turned skyward…

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How to make Animals using clay armatures.

We animals are frequently surprisingly similar and identifying those differences can be really difficult. Furriness or our perceptions built around our relationships can confuse the information and…

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