Antique liquor bottles

Explore a fascinating collection of antique liquor bottles that are both unique and collectible. Discover the rich history and craftsmanship behind these vintage treasures.
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Abraham and the Overholts: “Comin’ Thro the Rye”

The stern-faced elderly gentleman shown here is one of most famous faces and names in the liquor trade. His name is Abraham “Abram” Overholt and his picture is on bottles of whiskey in American packages stores from coast to coast . Beginning in 1810 Abraham and his Overholt clan came through rye whiskey to achieve fame and fortune. The Overholts were Mennonites, a religious sect that was often persecuted in Europe for their beliefs, one of which was that creating alcoholic spirits for…

Vito Lucido
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Medicinal Whiskey from Prohibition

Imagine walking into a museum and finding an exhibit on Prohibition-era whiskey... then taking the bottles from it and drinking them! We open and taste some amazing relics from this bygone era, including Old Fitzgerald, Old Hermitage, and many others. The whiskey inside came from diverse states like Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, with many distilleries and brands represented, including Fairlawn, Dougherty's, John Gibson's & Son Ancient Special Reserve Rye , and American Medicinal Spirits Special…

Marble Valley Vintage
Capturing the 1800s Apothecary Scene in Gypsy Tonic’s Intricate Packaging — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging Design Antique Liquor Bottles, Bar Tender, Whiskey Label, Old Glass Bottles, Whisky Bottle, American Whiskey, Antique Bottle, Alcohol Bottles, Trade Mark

Capturing the 1800s Apothecary Scene in Gypsy Tonic’s Intricate Packaging

Gypsy Tonic is certainly one-of-a-kind. After all, you won’t find any other chocolate almond flavored superfood health supplements out there! The intricate, ornate design transports consumers to a different time, so we spoke with Tom Lane, the designer behind the beverage. He told us more about the inspiration he used to create a true apothecary […]

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