Architectural sculpture

Enhance the aesthetics of your space with captivating architectural sculpture. Explore top ideas to add a touch of artistic elegance to your home or office.
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Chiseled doric columns, ornate arches, vaulted ceilings, staircases, and tiny sculptures within a sculpture—all of this fits into miniature architectural spaces that resemble ancient and medieval ruins and sacred architecture carved into raw marble and stone. These historical sculptures are brought to life by an internationally acclaimed British sculptor, Matthew Simmonds (previously here on Bored Panda), who currently lives and works in Denmark.

Angela Kirbi
New Architectural Sculptures by David Moreno Appear As Three Dimensional Drawings | Colossal Design, Draw, Curves, Ilustrasi, Resim, Modern, Kunst, Three Dimensional, Abstract

Spanish sculptor David Moreno (previously) continues to blur the lines between two and three dimensions with his architectural artworks. Created using hundreds of steel rods and lengths of piano wire, Moreno’s sculptures take the shape of buildings, and his more recent works have ventured indoors, highlighting interior details like doorways and staircases. In 2017, the artist also created a large, immersive installation in the United Arab Emirates titled “Connecting Doors.” Moreno shares his…

Ms. Bailey's Project Inspirations
Miniature Architectural Interiors and Collections of Tiny Symbolic Objects Carved into White Stone | Colossal Stone Sculptures, Architecture, Trondheim, Design, Stone Architecture, Architectural Sculpture, Architecture Model, Installation Art, Stone Art

Copenhagen-based artist Matthew Simmonds (previously) carves miniature architectural interiors, angular shapes, and tiny windows filled with symbolic objects, trinkets, and animals. His ghostly white sculptural forms are cut from and presented within raw stone, which allows for a striking contrast between his designs and the medium’s natural surface. Although Simmonds mainly focuses on sacred architecture, particularly from the Medieval era, he is drawn to how cultures overlap and influence…